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‘Seeing is believing’ - Van Eych used mirrors - we use digital and 'traditional' media. How we see things, our concept of reality is largely formed by the media that surrounds us - like wifi and bluetooth a lot of that stuff is invisible. The interaction of different media, the material and immaterial, generates  a series of parallel realities which our work sets out to to explore and in various ways remix/remake using anything from game engine and AI software to tubes of oil paint.

This painting (Bodies 2016 - detail) was made by using game engine software to produce many 3D computer model ‘rag dolls’ densely clustered in virtual space (see Setup and Manipulation video below). This computer model was used as the basis for the painting. The image resonates in many different ways. Our interest is generating the resonation not on the specific readings. 'The Medium is the Message' (McLuhan)


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