As digital technologies are dematerialising our material world, We are focused on the transition from a physical to virtual architecture. Similarly as art / painting in the past explored the material world we are interested in the current parallels of exploration of this virtual world.



We use computer games software to make virtual worlds. While we setup the software, it is the AI of this software, not us, that directly generates, arranges,  manipulates and records  the content of these virtual worlds. We simply observe and select.


The Captain Marvel series focused on the human body. A random stream of bodies are created in virtual space, the AI control the 'physics' of their world, whether they float, freefall, pile up on each the material world once we press the start button its AI will generate continuing  evolution indefinitely. 


A series of random 'screenshots' record this process. So far in Captain Marvels world, it's AI only manipulate physics, it is without human sentience. However the screenshots appear to resonate with human experience in the material world, to hint at what Jung calleod our 'collective conciousness', which maybe can be seen in say the paintings of Bosch, Tiepolo, Gericault....our current work sets out to explore these connections.


Captain Marvel meets the Medusa Crew - Screenshot 13

oil on canvas 180 x 150 cms - 2018