As Leonardo da Vinci dissected the human body and recorded his findings in his notebooks this series of projects aim to dissect and record how space, time, form and consequent perception of reality is distorted by the characteristics of the media and  the to  and fro transition between analogue and digital realities. The distortions are structural and not imagined. The core aim of these projects is to provide a visual autopsy of digital entities.

Bodies [2017-]
Portraits and Masks [2019-]

Portrait of Jo -

Using 3D scans, masks, motion capture and computer generated avatars

Oil on canvas, 180x360cms


Portrait of Jo

Unity Game Engine Program


8 Portraits,
Oil on Canvas 40x40cm and digital encapsulations 30x30cm
Aristippus and the Cyrenians [2016-]
Remix - Kusama, Murakami, Picasso and Botticelli,
Oil on Canvas,
Park Paintings [1989-]