Portraits and Masks [2019-]

From life, photographs, the web, 3D scans, motion capture, digitally generated avatars...
The components are layered, remixed and reconstituted as multiple entities  in digital space. 
In this series the Portraits are saved in a variety of media formats from oil on canvas and game engine downloads, to digital encapsulations with giff loops, binary code streams, bluetooth file transfers....

Portrait of Jo -

Using 3D scans, masks, motion capture and computer generated avatars

Oil on canvas, 180x360cms


Portrait of Jo

Unity Game Engine Program


8 Portraits,
Oil on Canvas 40x40cm and digital encapsulations 30x30cm
Bodies [2017-]

Bodies are computer generated, their movements, rate of replication, 'lifespan' are controlled solely by the 'physics' settings applied to their digital environment/space

While Bodies are made in digital space they are viewed from the 'real world' and are overlaid with its narratives and preconceptions. This series sets out to explore the synergy and extent of that relationship.




Video from Columia Threadneedle Exhibition 2017

Bodies on Unity game engine platform




Digital Remixes


This series looks at 'History Painting', re-costructing and remixing its sources in digital space.




Aristippus and the Cyrenians
Remix - Kusama, Takashi, Picasso and Botticelli,
Oil on Canvas(from digital model),
Park Paintings coming next