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Portraits, Avatars, Scans and Hybrids

Like the Bodies this series uses game engine software to make randomly generated, ever changing, moving sequences. Unlike Bodies the elemental, featureless forms are overlaid with 3D scans and motion capture sequences taken from the 'real/material' world, an assemblage of multiple rather than singular realities. The line between material and virtual space becomes blurred - oscillating from one to the other. These Portraits are Hybrid digital structures using a range of media - sound, image, movement, taken in a fraction of a second or over an expanded time range. It was the development of perspectival space in the 15th century, later the camera obscura, photography - now digital technologies that are inevitably generating new structures, ways of seeing and recording. These Hybrid Portraits are large scale, life size panels. Fragments from the game engine sequences used in the development of the portraits are stored on SD cards and displayed on the A4 size Memory Cards - they are relics / ghosts

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