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These projects take images of people from life, photographs, video, the web, and remixes them with digitally generated avatars, 3D and motion capture scans. 
They attempt to explore and re-contextualise the shifting boundaries around what we regard and see as 'real' (referencing Graham Harman, 2018)
The projects are materialised using game engine (Unity) software, and are placed  in a single fragment of time, or a never ending, ever changing sequence. 
Digital typologies can be seen simply as a new material that opens up new ways of doing things, not unlike the introduction of artists paint in tubes in the 19thC. Reconstructing digital processes for example with oil on canvas alongside other media, is part of the same process, of mixing things up, of re-contextualisation. 

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Game Menu

Press 'Tabs' key to open and close menu

Press 'spacebar' to refresh scene

Use mouse to check boxes and adjust sliders

Use  mouse  scroll to zoom view in and out

Key Controls 

Press 'W' key to move forward

Press 'S' key to move back

Press 'A'  key to move left

Press'D' key  to move right

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